Become an Annual Member of the Yoga Center
For $50 a year, you can receive the benefits of being an active member of the Yoga Center.

Your Annual Membership includes the following:
• All pass expiration dates will be waived for ONE YEAR from the membership start date. If you are inactive for two months or more, your membership expires.
• You may use your pass to pay for workshops with YCM instructors.
• 10% discount on all retail.
• Access to studio space for personal practice when available.

Why Become an YCM Member?
Your YCM Membership also enables the Yoga Center to continue to keep quality, consistent, certified instructors who enjoy staying within the Yoga Center Family. Unlike other fitness-oriented yoga programs, the Yoga Center believes in compensating its family of staff so that they can make a career out of Yoga, not just a hobby. This means happy, consistent, educated, competent Yoga instructors in our classrooms - without over-crowded classes.

Your YCM Membership also helps to keep revenues so that the price of classes does not have to change drastically as the need for continued expansion occurs with the growth of the yoga community. This also enables us to keep classes below 30 to ensure a safe practicing environment and the comfort of our students. If you wish to become a YCM Member and support the Yoga Center and its community, just call the Yoga Center office at 612.436.4700 and we will be happy to take care of you!

Annual Membership Fee: $50 + tax

How to Join: Mention that you would like to join when you purchase your next pass, or Purchase Online. (From Dropdown menu, select "Classes" and "Yoga Center Yearly Membership".)