Personal Yogi™ Consultation

Let us help you to better define your personal wellness needs, goals and aspirations and understand how to best utilize the many services and classes that the Yoga Center has to offer with a Personal Yogi consultation. Call us at 612.436.4700 or email to make an appointment. Appointment cost is $25, which you can then apply toward your first class, workshop, event, or wellness service!

A Personal Yogi Consultation will help guide you to meet your personal mental and physical health goals by helping you create a program of yoga and wellness services that is right for you. Whether you are new to yoga and want help getting started, looking for a healthier lifestyle or already have a practice and want to deepen your yoga experiences, this consultation is designed to help you to utilize all of the Yoga Center classes, workshops, programs and our Dharma Wellness and Spa to achieve those goals.

At the Yoga Center we appreciate that each student is unique and comes to yoga for different reasons. Whatever your personal wellness goals may be, an experienced yogi will help you lay out a path to achieving these goals in a manner that feels good to you, is affordable, and fits into your schedule. To begin on your personalized yoga journey, simply call or email to set up a consultation, available at either studio or over the phone at 612-436-4700.

New to Yoga?
For those of you who have never done yoga or are just beginning, your first consultation will be spent learning about your needs, goals, any physical limitations, what you would like to get from your experience, and help place you in a class and/or recommend wellness services that are right for you. Once you begin your classes and/or services, your Personal Yogi Consultant will check in with you and answer any questions you may have at that time. Also, all students new to yoga are encouraged to sign up for one of our 4-week Absolute Beginner Classes which are designed to help you take the mystery out of starting a yoga practice.

Have Yoga Experience?
If you are not new to Yoga but would like to deepen or create a consistent yoga practice, weave other wellness services and in-depth workshops into your practice or just explore other yoga opportunities, this service will guide you. During your free Personal Yogi Consultation your Personal Yogi Consultant will help you to design a package that will utilize our classes, workshops, programs, wellness services and private lessons to help you meet your personal goals. Each student is unique so each package will be personally designed with your goals in mind. There are no preset packages; we want to help you work within your budget and schedule as you set forth on your journey.

Need a Single-Day or Full-Weekend Retreat?
The Yoga Center of Minneapolis and Dharma Wellness have teamed up to offer you up a half-day, full day, or entire weekend of nourishment, health, and beauty. Select from the dozens of workshops and classes available at the studio and the Spa or Wellness Services that fit your needs. Click to to read more about our Yoga & Spa Packages.

The Yoga Center offers a wide variety of services and classes to help make this special time in your life meaningful, comfortable and help you to bring a calm state of mind to the birthing room. During your free Personal Yogi Consultation your consultant will help you design a program to support you in a yogic fashion during your pregnancy. We will help you to make the most of our very popular JAI Prenatal Yoga classes, techniques, workshops, birthing classes, private session for you and your birth partner, prenatal acupuncture, prenatal massage and so much more. Let us help you plan for peace of mind, body and baby throughout your pregnancy. Please be sure to check out our Zen Mama page for more information about our prenatal offerings. ©

Call us today to set up your Personal Yogi Consultation at 612.436.4700.