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If you have completed any 200-hour or more teacher training program that meets the Yoga Alliance RYT-200 standards and would like to continue your education and practice, YCM offers 6 Advanced Modules that can be taken as stand-alone trainings or taken together for your 500-hour Certification - and Yoga Alliance Registration - RYT500.

Complete your advanced certificate in 18 months or take the modules piecemeal (and up to 3 years).

Don't have your 200-hour level certification yet? Check out the 230-hour Program.

All modules (A-F) can be taken as stand-alone trainings or together in any order to complete your 500-hour level training. You must have 200 hours training to register (or be within a month of completion). Modules can be taken in any order, so no need to start with Module A. You may make-up any missed weekends or hours in the next round of that module (module rotation starts over in October and April).

Required reading and report assignments due at the end of each module and a certificate is awarded upon completion of module. Students can register for RYT500 upon completion of all 6 modules and with documentation of 100 teaching hours since graduating from a 200-hour program.

Click to download 500-Hour Advanced Module application.


Looking for more information about the advanced modules or 500-hour program? Join us to learn more and check out the studio.

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Thursday, Sept 4th
SLP Studio
Monday, Oct 13th
SLP Studio
Thursday, Oct 16th
Thursday, Oct 30th
MPLS Studio
Monday, Nov 17th
SLP Studio
Wednesday, Dec 10th
Thursday, Dec 11th
MPLS Studio


Come meet some of our staff and learn more about the Advanced Training Modules.


If you are unable to attend, please call for more information 612.436.4700.


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*For those looking for a condensed track for 500HR Certification, it is possible to take the weekend and weekday programs at the same time!

Option 1 - Weekends (SLP Studio)

Meets Friday 6-9pm, Saturday & Sunday 12-6:45pm for ONE weekend each month for 3 months.

Option 2 - Mondays (SLP Studio)

Meet 8 consecutive Mondays, 9am-3:30pm per module

Option 3 - Thursday Evening (MPLS Studio)

Meet 12 consecutive Thursdays, 6pm-9:30pm per module

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(Curriculum includes but is not limited to the following:)

•Module A - Working with Special Populations

Teachers: Jennifer Gray, Coleen Elwood, Tara Sherman, Michelle Piertzak-Wegner, Moya Matthews, Jes Rosenberg
Anatomy, Teaching Pre-natal, Big A#%!, Chair Yoga, Senior Students, Cardiac Disease and Cancer affected students, students with Scoliosis, practicum.

Required Reading for Module A

•The Healing Path of Yoga, by Nischala Joy Devi

•New Yoga for People over 50, by Suza Francina

•Yoga for Arthritis, by Loren Fischman & Ellen Saltonstall


Next Training - Monday Module - SLP

- Mar 9 - Apr 27 2015

Next training Weekend Module - SLP

- April 10 - 12 2015 | May 15 - 17 2015 | June 12 - 14 2015

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•Module B - Yoga Therapeutics for the Physical Body

Teachers: Kevin Kortan, Michelle Pietrzak-Wagner and Tara Cindy Sherman and Attila Pegan

Participants will deepen their understanding of human anatomy and its role in teaching yoga, learn how fascia and individual bone and joint structures affect asana, and gain an in-depth understanding of breath anatomy and its role in pranayama.

Required reading for Module B

•Yoga for Wellness, by Gary Kraftsow

•The Key Muscles of Yoga, by Ray Long

Next training - Thursday Evening Module - MPLS

- Oct 16 - Jan 15 2014

Next training Weekend Module - SLP

- July 10 - 12 2015 | Aug 14 - 16 2015 | Sept 11 - 13 2015


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•Module C - Yoga Therapeutics for the Emotional Body

Teachers: Tara Sherman, Michelle Pietrzak-Wagner, Dr. Rachel Allyn, Kevin Kortan

In this module learn tools for working with emotional health and healing. Learn to guide students through practices that reduce general anxiety and fear. Learn how to work with students experiencing deeper emotional disability such as depression, anxiety, anorexia, OCD, and ADHD. Build your creative problem-solving, intuitive and listening skills through guided practicum.

Required reading for Module C

•Yoga for Wellness, Gary Kraftsow

•Overcoming Trauma through Yoga/Reclaiming Your Body,

by David Emerson & Elizabeth Hooper PhD


Next training - Thursday Evening Module - MPLS

- Jan 22 - April 2 2015

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•Module D - Advanced Alignment, Cueing, Adjusting, & Sequencing

Teachers: Jes Rosenberg, Jen Davis, William Prottengeier, Tara Cindy Sherman, Kevin Kortan

Teaching the above topics to beginners, intermediate and advanced students, sequencing notation, physical and verbal cuing and adjusting, practicum.

Required reading for Module D

•The Anatomy Coloring Book, by Kapit/Elson

•Body Breath and Mind: A Guide to Personal Re-Integration, A.G. Mohan


Next Training - Monday Module - SLP

- September 8 - October 27, 2014

Next training - Thursday Evening Module - MPLS

- Apr 2 - Jun 11 2015


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•Module E - The Study and Science of Ayurvedya

Teacher: Dr. Asavari Manvikar

Participants will explore the many facets of Ayurvedic Science and take an in-depth look at the doshas and work with diagnositc techniques and ayurvedic practices for overall health and well-being.

Required reading for Module E

•Details to follow


Next Training - Weekend Module - SLP

- October 17 - 19 2014 | Nov 14 - 16 2014 | Dec 12 - 14 2014

Next Training - Monday Module - SLP

- November 3 - December 22 2014

Next training - Thursday Evening Module - MPLS

- Jun 18 - Sept 3 (no class Jul 2) 2015


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•Module F - Working with Pranayama, Meditation, & Teaching Practices

Teachers: Jennifer Gray, Tara Sherman, Betsy Weiner

Explore theory of Prana, Kriya, Pranayama and meditation. Practice these techniques and begin to incorporate deeper levels of yogic philosophy in your classes. Learn Tantric techniques of mantra, yoga nidra and the importance of sankulpa as preparation for meditation.

Required reading for Module F

•Medition for the Love of it by Sally Kempton


Next Training - Weekend Module - SLP

- Jan 9-11 2015 | Feb 13-15 2015 | March 13-15 2015

Next Training - Monday Module - SLP

- Jan 5 - Mar 23 (no class 2/16) 2015


Register Online

Please email if you are interested in learning more about the curriculum for specific modules.

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To register for an Advanced Tech at our Downtown Studio, click below or call 612.436.4700.


Date Topic  
Sunday 9/7/14Basis of Bandhas with Asana Register Online
Sunday 10/5/14Advanced Pranayama: Anuloma Uijayi and Viloma Ujiya Register Online
Sunday 11/2/14Advanced Pranayama: Pratiloma Ujiyai Register Online


Advanced students will have the opportunity to do an expanded mentorship with a teacher of his/her choice.

The apprentice will assist in the teacher's class one (1) time per week for 3 months and have 3 hours of one-on-one time with teacher.

Student's enrolling in the full 500 hour program may take the apprenticeship anytime after completion of the 3rd Module.

Student's enrolling in Module's individually may take the apprenticeship upon enrollment of final module.

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Click to download 500-Hour Advanced Module application.


Please complete and email to or mail to 212 3rd Ave N. #205, Minneapolis, MN 55401.


Payment in Full:

•A la Carte: - $700 each;

•500-Hour Program paid in full (all 6 modules to be taken within 3 years) - $3,800

Payment Plans:

•$250 deposit and $159 per month during each month of training.

•All six modules paid on a 1-year payment plan:

--$500 deposit and $292/month for 12 months after deposit.


Once you register for any module you will be able to purchase class passes and additional tech sessions for $12 per class (our lowest rate).

For more information please email or call to register - 612-436-4700.

Click to download 500-Hour Advanced Module application. Please complete and email to or mail to Yoga Center Mpls Attn: Sarah Jane 212 3rd Ave N. #205, Minneapolis, MN 55401.

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Cancellation Policy: Each student will be notified of acceptance/rejection in writing. In the event a student is rejected, all tuition, fees and other charges will be refunded. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, if a student gives written notice of cancellation within five business days of the execution of the contract or day on which the student is accepted, then a complete refund is given regardless of whether the program has started. If a student gives a written notice of cancellation after five business days of the execution of the contract or day on which the student is accepted, but before the start of the program by the school, then all tuition, fees and other charges, except 15 percent of the total cost of the program (15 percent not to exceed $50.00) shall be refunded to the student. If a student gives written notice of cancellation after the start of the period of instruction for which the student has been charged, but before completion of 75 percent of the period of instruction, then student is assessed a pro rata portion of tuition, fees and all other charges based on the number of days in the term plus 25 percent of the total program cost (25 percent not to exceed $100.00.) Any notice of cancellation shall be acknowledged in writing within 10 business days of receipt of such notice and all refunds shall be forwarded to the student within 30 business days of receipt of such notice. This refund policy is not linked to any student conduct policy and any promissory instrument shall not be negotiated prior to the completion of 50 percent of the course. Written notice of cancellation shall take place on the date the letter of cancellation is postmarked or, in the case where the notice is hand carried, it shall occur on the date the notice is delivered to the school. The date of execution of the enrollment agreement shall be presumed to be the date of delivery of the notice of acceptance: and if delivered by mail, the postmark date of the letter of acceptance.

The Yoga Center is licensed as a private career school with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 141.21 to 141.32. Licensure is not an endorsement of the institution. Credits earned at the institution may not transfer to all other institutions. Minnesota Office of Higher Education: 1450 Energy Park Drive, Suite 350, St. Paul, MN 55108 | 651-642-0567

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