Bonding from the Beginning

These special classes are an open forum for conversation

where friends are made and community is created.

Share.             Nurture.            Laugh.

JAI Prenatal Yoga Classes

founded by certified instructor, Jennifer Gray.

J.A.I. stands for "Josh, Annie, Isabel" - Jen's 3 kids, and also means hurrah or victory in Sanskrit.

This unique prenatal class utilizes meditation and pranayama (breath work) for child birth preparation, as well as asana (yoga poses) for strength and flexibility. Come prepared to calm your mind, and safely build strength through a Sun Salutation sequence geared for pregnant moms. You can join the class at any time. All yoga levels welcome.

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Cost: Purchase a $17 drop-in or a class pass for discounted rates.
Offered days, evenings and weekends in our St. Louis Park and downtown Minneapolis studios.
Check JAI online schedulefor days and times.

Are you a mom-to-be? Make yoga a part of your journey. Our Yoga Concierge can help you create a personal program that will bring health to you and your baby. No yoga experience is necessary for prenatal yoga classes, so they are a great place to start your yoga practice if you are a beginner. You can reach Maggie at 612-436-4700 or email her at

JAI Prenatal for Birthing Workshop - for moms and their birth partners
Find upcoming workshops here.

Yoga Baby Bonding Classes

(for moms, caregivers and babies)

This class features a blend of yoga for babies and yoga for moms.

Cost: $64 for 4 Week Series
         $90 for 6 Week Series
Offered Wednesdays, 11:00-12:00pm in St. Louis Park. Register here

Discover more about the Benefits of Yoga Baby Bonding and What a Class is like here

Dharma Pre/Post-natal Spa Services

Pamper yourself pre or post baby with one of our wellness services in our St. Louis Park studio. Book Appointments HERE or call our studio at 612.436.4700 Mpls or 952.345.1953 St. Louis Park.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the dramatic changes of the childbirth experience. This technique addresses the specific structural, physiological, and psychological discomforts of pregnancy, and uses bolsters to lift and support the mom so she is completely relaxed and comfortable. A great baby shower or postnatal present!

60 minute session from $75
90 minute session from $110
120 minute session from $150

Baby Moon (Prenatal)

Expectant mothers welcome this soothing ritual. Fatigued feet regain their connection to earth with energy balancing techniques and warm towels. Pillows especially designed for her comfort will create space to relax, even to drift into sleep! A signature blend of cocoa butter and flower essences nourishes the skin while preventing stretch marks. (With Kristin Wilk)

60 minute $75
90 minute $110

Infant Massage Private Instruction

Pre-crawling infants only (with Kristin Wilk) Infant massage instruction connects babies to parents the way nature intended. Through gazing, skin-to-skin, exchange of scents, and cuddling, the relationships of parents and babies become harmoniously in balance. Babies will benefit through improved sleep, improved digestion, mind-body awareness. Massage oil provided.

60 minutes $75


Once your little one gets older they can participate in Kid's or Preteen classes, Yoga, Dance & Art Summer Camps and even hold a Yoga Birthday Party!